Welcome to Phoenix Academy of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

The aim of the Phoenix Education Programme is to enhance and consolidate professional standards of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Over the past few decades education in TCM has been developing rapidly throughout the UK with vast numbers of graduates qualifying as practitioners. TCM is faced with many critical challenges concerning legislation and other changing issues, therefore it is vital to ensure that our profession is maintained to a high standard.


Phoenix Academy of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine works with a group of highly esteemed academics and experts from not only the UK but others parts of the world too. This ensures that our programmes are provided with high quality teaching. We also have a great relationship with the Shanghai university of TCM and we are proud to present our programmes with great confidence. You will gain invaluable skills and practical study experience at a high level of professionalism which will benefit your clinical practice.


We intend to build a professional network of members who join our programmes in the UK and in China. This will allow members to stay updated with advancements in TCM and thereby forming a strong authoritative group of TCM professionals in the UK and Europe.
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Phoenix Academy focuses on providing courses which are flexible and accessible for different types of healthcare professionals at different educational levels.


For those who don’t have a qualification in TCM and acupuncture but are preparing for the advanced study in Chinese medicine, especially Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Tuina, our Foundation course of Chinese Medicine is a good start.


For those who are qualified acupuncturists already and have an interest in learning Chinese herbs, our 2 Year herbal course for acupuncturists will enable you to prescribe herbal medicine to patients as a qualified herbalist.


For practitioners that are keen in continuing their professional development (CPD) we have a vast range of topics for you to choose from.